Keishondra was over 250 pounds and very out of shape. She never struggled with weight, but over the years she noticed that her clothing size was going up. She decided that she needed to do something about it. Being in her early 30’s with no children,  it was unacceptable to be in this state. She started taking Spin and Body Works plus Abs 3 times per week. She likes attending classes rather than using the treadmill or elliptical because she knew she would likely slack off and not give 100%. When she started taking the classes it was hard because she was so out of shape. However, with consistency, she has gotten stronger.

“Working out with Hilda in Body Works plus Abs is like working with a personal trainer. She pays attention to every person. She shows you proper technique and she pushes you. As a result, I’m stronger and have seen a lot of changes in my body. In the beginning I could barely lift 5 pounds weights now I’m lifting 15 pounds on one arm. I’m still trying to master the plank.”


2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Keishondra has always been a beautiful child..She has grown to be a wonderful woman. Auntie love you. MUAH.

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