Much Needed Quality Time, Meditation and Asana Flow

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with my 12 year old. As a parent with multiple children, it can be a challenge to give each child their own undivided attention with mommy. So, yesterday was pretty awesome.  Corey and I did something we both love - hike up Stone Mountain. My … Continue reading Much Needed Quality Time, Meditation and Asana Flow


Avoiding the Rationalization Trap

One common factor that I find that many individuals deal with regarding healthy eating and weight loss is rationalizing. When an individual rationalizes his/her poor habits can lead to poor results and/or subsequent feelings of frustration and failure. I was like many others that engaged in this type of thinking. It was not helpful for … Continue reading Avoiding the Rationalization Trap

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Hey there!  I wanted to add a post about green tea since I swear by starting my morning off with a hot cup.  I began this ritual a couple of years ago and rarely miss a morning without it.  I began drinking it when I learned that it would help boost my metabolism.  Well, it … Continue reading Health Benefits of Green Tea

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!I am taking a break from making my vision board so that I can take a few minutes to wish you a Happy New Year!  The year 2013 was an awesome year and I am looking forward to 2014 being just as awesome, and more.  There were so many highlights from the year, but … Continue reading Happy New Year!