Avoiding the Rationalization Trap

One common factor that I find that many individuals deal with regarding healthy eating and weight loss is rationalizing. When an individual rationalizes his/her poor habits can lead to poor results and/or subsequent feelings of frustration and failure. I was like many others that engaged in this type of thinking. It was not helpful for … Continue reading Avoiding the Rationalization Trap


I am at peace with my body

Last Monday, I stopped by the bank after teaching a class and the drive thru teller noticed that I was in my workout attire.  She asked me if I had come from the gym.  I replied, "yes".  She mentioned how jealous she was and then proceeded to ask me if I would encourage the teller … Continue reading I am at peace with my body

Love Comes From Within

As I prepare for my first yoga party tonight, I have come across some wonderful reminders about the true meaning of love. In a book that I was gifted from my mother a year ago called "The Meditation Kit" by Charla Devereux and Fran Stockel, there is a chapter on love and how meditation can … Continue reading Love Comes From Within