What Works for Me, Works for Me

Last week, while leaving a meeting, one of the members of the group yells to me, “Happy Easter, Hilda”. I respond to her, “Thank you, likewise”, and make my way down the hall and out the building. Whenever the traditional Christian holidays come up throughout the year, it can become very awkward for individuals like … Continue reading What Works for Me, Works for Me


What a Relief

I recently purchased a book called "the untethered soul" by Michael A. Singer.  So far so good.  Actually, so far so great!  After reading the first two chapters I was so relieved after I concluded that I don't have to be bombarded with the madness that my thoughts create.  I also realize that my thoughts … Continue reading What a Relief

Radiant Light

Hello all! I found a GREAT resource for yoga practice this morning.  The website is http://www.doyogawithme.com/.  I just completed a video with Fiji McAlpine as the instructor.  What a perfect way to start my morning. Here is the link to the video I completed this morning. http://www.doyogawithme.com/content/foundations-flow This is an intermediate class, so proceed with … Continue reading Radiant Light