Christmas in Savannah


This year, I decided that the holidays would be spent very differently than what I am traditionally used to. For the Thanksgiving holiday, I spent time relaxing poolside in Orlando with family. I was not interested in slaving in the kitchen and then begging my kiddos to help clean up afterward. So, it worked out perfectly that I was able to join my extended family on a wonderful mini-vacation.
After having this amazing experience, Tamara and I set out to do somethingsimilar, but in a different city. We set our minds on Savannah and made it happen.

Our first full day there was on Christmas Eve. We set out for a day of adventure. We got lost exploring the historic district while taking pictures of our surroundings. There were so many amazing images tocapture.

wp-1482978087007.jpg Pure deliciousness!

We discovered a great local bakery called Back in the Day Bakery that makesbomb…

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