Sunday Synchronicity

I posted a pic on IG this morning that prompted a passerby to reach out to me via private message.  A young man from Kerala, India started a conversation with me that led him sharing two YouTube videos with me.  The first is a short video entitled "Work Hard or Work Happy". The second is … Continue reading Sunday Synchronicity


Much Needed Quality Time, Meditation and Asana Flow

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with my 12 year old. As a parent with multiple children, it can be a challenge to give each child their own undivided attention with mommy. So, yesterday was pretty awesome.  Corey and I did something we both love - hike up Stone Mountain. My … Continue reading Much Needed Quality Time, Meditation and Asana Flow

Love Comes From Within

As I prepare for my first yoga party tonight, I have come across some wonderful reminders about the true meaning of love. In a book that I was gifted from my mother a year ago called "The Meditation Kit" by Charla Devereux and Fran Stockel, there is a chapter on love and how meditation can … Continue reading Love Comes From Within