What Works for Me, Works for Me

Last week, while leaving a meeting, one of the members of the group yells to me, “Happy Easter, Hilda”. I respond to her, “Thank you, likewise”, and make my way down the hall and out the building. Whenever the traditional Christian holidays come up throughout the year, it can become very awkward for individuals like … Continue reading What Works for Me, Works for Me


I am at peace with my body

Last Monday, I stopped by the bank after teaching a class and the drive thru teller noticed that I was in my workout attire.  She asked me if I had come from the gym.  I replied, "yes".  She mentioned how jealous she was and then proceeded to ask me if I would encourage the teller … Continue reading I am at peace with my body

Miami Reflections

Good morning! I am waking up in Miami on my final day of the visit. So far I have had an amazing experience. I have gotten much needed rest and enjoyed the beach. Yet, the ultimate highlight of this trip was being on the beach in a bikini. Last September when my cousin and I … Continue reading Miami Reflections

Note to self

This week has been very interesting, to say the least. I have encountered two experiences that left me bewildered, until now. I was wondering what could be causing this slight disruption in my world. Earlier this week I found myself resorting to old behaviors with my soon-to-be ex-brother in law. Then yesterday, I hit a … Continue reading Note to self