DIY Fun: Party Craft Idea

A few months ago, my daughter convinced me to allow her to have a sleepover party for her 11th birthday. I was reluctant, but ultimately gave in knowing this was our last year in this school district and she was moving on to middle school and new changes soon. (Reminder:It’s not about you, Mom).

So, I decided that the best way to get through the party was to keep them engaged. I bought some age appropriate games, decided on food and beverages, and came up with a DIY craft idea that I thought the girls would love.

This is a spin-off idea that I used from a previous DIY project I did for my cousins with the exception of the items used to decorate. Either way, it was a hit.

Each girl chose a bucket and sticker style.

I found these tins at Hobby Lobby

Any craft store carries these…

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