Detox Success Tips

Right before the new year, I decided to embark on a detox.  The main reason behind it was because I was ready to rid myself of food and drink cravings that were hindering the health of my mind and body and future weight loss efforts.

To make the best of my future diet and exercise efforts, I needed to cleanse my mind and body.  I knew that I didn’t need to do it for too many days so after a little research, I decided to do Dr. Oz’s 3 day detox plan. I liked it because the drinks included balanced nutrients that the body needs to function properly. Mainly,  I was impressed that each drink contained healthy fats (avocado, ground flax seeds and coconut oil) and a balance of nutrients overall. 

I didn’t have parental responsibilities during this time and was off from work so I didn’t have to use much mental and physical energy during this time.  Since my caloric intake was going to be low, this worked out well. 

I did practice yoga daily and performed minimal house duties.  I watched very little television and journaled along the way. 

All of these factors definitely contributed to my success. 

By the end of the three days, cravings for junk food were gone and I was experiencing improvements in mental clarity.  

Breakfast, lunch and dinner drinks

So, if you are deciding to embark on a detox or cleanse, keep some things in mind as you approach the process and transition back to life as “normal”. 

  • A detox is not a diet – Avoid using this opportunity to try to lose weight rapidly. This type of thinking will lead to self-sabatoge if you return to old lifestyle habits when the detox ends.  Weight gain is inevitable of you do not create a plan to eat healthy and exercise regularly after the detox. If you aren’t prepared to make the lifestyle change then give your physical and mental health a break and explore ways to build your confidence and skills to live a healthier lifestyle before embarking on a detox for weight loss purposes only. 
  • Set yourself for success after the detox ends. Purchase healthy foods items. Look up recipes that you can realistically afford and will have time to prepare considering your lifestyle. 
  • Make consumption of the detox drinks a part of your lifestyle. Choose a detox drink during your normal snack time for an added boost of energy and health benefits.
  • If you have any pre-existing health conditions (i.e., diabetes), have a talk with your doctor and/or nutritionist about engaging in a detox. You want to avoid any potential health complications that could occur from the reduction of nutrients and calories. 
Post detox meal – gradual and simple

    I hope these tips will help you embark living a healthier lifestyle. All the best to you on your wellness journey! 



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