Reduce Your Stress by Shifting Your Mindset

“Before I was aware of this, countless negative thoughts flowed through my mind throughout the day.  As a result, I was more pessimistic about life and my destiny.”

Negative thoughts and emotions are common contributors to stress.  Replacing negative  thoughts with positive thoughts, also called cognitive restructuring, is an important element of living a stress-free life.  For many individuals the process of changing our thoughts is easier said than done.  It takes time to change negative patterns of thinking.

Positive affirmations are statements that are used to affirm individuals and shift their patterns of thinking, from negative to positive.  Affirmations need to be repeated at least 30 times per day for 30 days in order to become a part of a person’s natural thought pattern.  One thing that I have done in the past to change negative thoughts is to write affirmations down on several index cards and place…

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