I am at peace with my body

I am at Peace with my body copy

Last Monday, I stopped by the bank after teaching a class and the drive thru teller noticed that I was in my workout attire.  She asked me if I had come from the gym.  I replied, “yes”.  She mentioned how jealous she was and then proceeded to ask me if I would encourage the teller at the counter to go to the gym.  As we talked, I learned that this young woman is where I used to be.  Working and taking care of a new baby, leaving herself no time to care for herself.  Man, do I remember those days.  Constantly taking care of everyone else and not taking care of myself.  I reminded her, as I continually remind myself today, that I cannot give to others fully if I haven’t taken care of myself.  She totally agreed.  I passed her my card and encouraged her to come to a class in the future.  I hope to see her soon.

There are so many people on a journey to lose weight and transform the body, that it sometimes seems like the preoccupation to lose weight creates a lot emotional stress on the individual.  For those of us that I would consider preoccupied about being fit (I include myself in this group), do we sometimes forget to enjoy the moment where we are?  No matter where we are on our journey, do we take time to be in the present and enjoy the journey?

One thing that I have learned through yoga practice is that the end result (the yoga pose) is not the primary focus. The focus should be on the process that leads to the pose.  Similarly, as individuals are working toward fitness and weight loss goals, there needs to a balance between the effort of weight loss and the peace of being in the moment.

So, I encourage everyone that is currently on a weight loss journey to be at peace with your body.  Enjoy the process.  Be gentle with yourself along the way and, most importantly, breathe. Namaste



2 thoughts on “I am at peace with my body

  1. Thank you, well said. I, too, have learned to love my body. Like the song from John Legend – “Perfect Imperfections”. Love Yourself Ladies….Cynthia

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