Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

I am taking a break from making my vision board so that I can take a few minutes to wish you a Happy New Year!  The year 2013 was an awesome year and I am looking forward to 2014 being just as awesome, and more.  There were so many highlights from the year, but I will share a few.  One of the most memorable events was my trip to Miami.  Reaching my personal weight loss goal provided a great sense of accomplishment and the excitement from this trip seemed to be the catalyst for so many additional blessings that I received throughout the year.  Also, I have decided to pursue dreams and goals that I put aside over ten years ago – modeling/acting.  I am excited about this endeavor!  An additional highlight from last year was that I started teaching yoga on a permanent basis at LA Fitness.  This was a goal I have been working towards all year.  It was awesome to see that goal become realized.  Well, there is so much more to share, but I am going get back to creating this vision board. 🙂

Oh, if you are wondering if I am still in school, the answer is “no”.  I decided not to pursue a doctoral degree as it is not lining up with my life’s plans. 

Have you set new goals for yourself this year?  What are some goals that you will be working towards?



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