I’ve come a long way….

Hey everyone!  I am excited to share this short video clip of me completing one of two sets of push ups on the top of Stone Mountain.  The reason I am excited is that just two years ago I could not complete one of these without falling flat on my face.  It would be great if I had the guts to record myself trying to complete a push up during that time, so you can see the improvement.  I’ll guess you’ll just have to visualize that.  Anyway, here it is.

What fitness improvements are you most proud of?



4 thoughts on “I’ve come a long way….

  1. Thank you so much! I can relate to not enjoying running. I, too, have learned to like it more. Wow! You’re working on a headstand. That definitely is challenging. I have tried that a couple of times and would love to master that as well. I’d love to see a pic of you doing that one day. 😉 All the best!

    1. Thanks! Will send you one the day it happens! 😉 I’m not there yet. It took me a long time to be able to do it- still close to the wall…need to work on doing it in the middle of a room now! 😉 Keep the great workout lifestyle you have, it’s inspiring! 🙂

  2. Congrats! Perfect push ups and a beautiful place to do them! 🙂 for me, it would be running. I used to hate running years ago as I couldn’t run for long and now I love it as it’s a way to be in nature, get some fresh air and unwind from the day. And also the headstand in yoga, that I’m almost able to do on my own….this is a huge achievement for me! 😉 Keep up the great work!

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