Letting Go of “Control”

There are so many ways that I have tried to control my life, my emotions, and others around me.  What I realize today that my sense of control was just a mere perception of a reality that I did not acknowledge in the past.  Okay, so now I know this information.  Now what?  Well, I am still in the process of making the connections for the things/situations/individuals that I have tried to hold on to.  However, I have definitely grown tremendously in my knowledge of how this false sense of control has hindered my personal growth and affected my relationships.  I am allowing myself to let go and it feels great!!

As a continue this process I will  strive to:

  • Be honest with myself and others.
  • Live my life in a state of perpetual awareness.
  • Honor and appreciate each experience that I have.
  • Honor myself and others.
  • Continue to ask questions and be prepared to accept the response.

I leave you with this quote…

“You perceived it [the wall], so it was there.  But now you have accepted the unacceptable, and the wall no longer blocks your path” ~the Ancient One, in Doctor Strange



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